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2018 June Newsletter

What’s New, Worth Checking Out & Sales!


Here is a sample of new products we’ve added to our inventory. Be sure to visit the nursery to see ALL of the latest products and plants!

Handcrafted Wooden Welcome Hanging Basket Frame

Custom Handmade Wood Hanging Basket Plant Stand with hook. We only have one in stock! $75.

Large Hand Blown Glass Squiggles

Large Squiggles are 14”-16” tall with a contrasting wrap. They are mounted on 1/2” straight rebar. $74.88. Small option is $57.88.


Hand Blown Glass Poppy Hummingbird Feeder

Top-feeding hummingbird feeders have a 5” wide glass top and are mounted on 4’ tall curved rebar “stems”. $69.88.

Handcrafted Wooden Koi Bench

One-of-a-kind wooden koi bench. Only one in stock! $175.00.

Rustic Stallions

A garden is never complete until you have two rustic stallions. These beauties are on display and available for purchase: $2400 each or $4500 for both.

5″ Hand Blown Glass Floats

Add color to your pond or water feature with these gorgeous hand blown glass floats. $35.00.

Worth Checking Out

Japanese Granite Water Trough Feature

This is an antique Japanese water trough from the 1600s. The holes in it were used to tie horse reigns to. This granite trough is in superb condition for its age and we are very lucky that we were able to source this one as they are becoming quite scarce. We have ONE available at Falling Water Gardens for $5000; an investment piece that will last a lifetime!



Gift Ideas for Dad

Lights for Dad’s Pond or Garden

Illuminate Dad’s pond and landscape with our low Voltage Pond and Landscape LED Lights. Assorted styles available.

Horse & Cow Spinner Stake

Keep Dad amused with this compass spinner stake. $49.88.

Airplane Planter

This is the low-fuel airplane. Three plant passengers that will add a color boost to your landscape. $116.67.

Cowboy Boot Planter

Cowboy Dad’s will get a kick out of these boots! $70 each (only two left in stock).

Assorted Wall Art

We have an assortment of wall art that Dad would love! Come visit and take a look.


Don’t forget to take a peek at the items on the discount table in the gift shop! We still have all sorts of goodies that are marked at 50% off!



**Many of the items offered at Falling Water Gardens are limited quantities and cannot or will not be reordered. If you love it then make sure to visit us and take it home before we sell out!

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Rick Perry installed his first pond in his parents garden when he was only 15 years old! Ponds were built out of concrete back then. His parents still own that home and the original pond has been expanded and rebuilt twice, as the technology in pond liners, pumps, and filters continued to evolve. Rick’s love of water in the garden never went away and for over 16 years he continued to install ponds in his own homes and those of his friends and family. After someone suggested that Rick could make a living off of doing what he loved, Falling Water Designs was born. Rick has been involved in the water garden industry longer than there has been a water garden industry. He is very excited by the continuing innovations that are making it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a low maintenance, affordable water feature in the garden. Rick has been interviewed and featured in Koi World Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Water Features for Every Garden by Helen Nash.