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2018 March Newsletter

What’s New, Worth Checking Out & Sales!


Here is a sample of new products we’ve added to our inventory. Be sure to visit the nursery to see all that is new!

BiOrbAir Terrarium by BiOrb

The biOrbAIR is a fully automated terrarium that creates the perfect micro-climate for growing tropical plants, replicating the natural conditions under a tropical forest canopy. The biOrbAIR is an all-in-one terrarium kit with container, lighting, misting module, compost, planting media, filtration, and more! We have a couple different sizes available in the gift shop. Come take a look! The terrarium shown is $525.

Tall Standing Cranes

Bring the elegance and beauty of nature to your garden or patio with one of our tall-standing cranes. We have an assortment of cranes to choose from. Starting at $64.95.

Rain Chains

March & April are known for being wet and dreary. Replace your traditional downspout with a rain chain that guides the rain water down while creating soothing rain sound; this rain chain can be a focal point of your water garden. Starting at $75.95.

Fuchsia Hummingbird Feeder

Lure hummingbirds to your landscape by the dozens with this unique, decorative feeder. Specially designed and created to attract hummingbirds, this sculptural piece looks like a giant fuchsia flower (one of the hummingbird’s favorite blooms) with bright, bold colors and an innovative nectar delivery system. We have a wide selection of hummingbird feeders in our gift shop. $59.88.

Flower Kinetic Spinners

There are many gorgeous kinetic spinners on display for you to find inspiration from. Each spinner makes an eye-catching focal point for your yard, garden, flowerbed or patio. Come visit Falling Water Gardens and see these in action on a breezy day. Starting at $35.88.

Ladybug and Mason Bee Houses

Attract beneficial aphid eating ladybugs and effective pollinator mason bees to your garden with these wooden shelters. We have many different styles to choose from.  

Worth Checking Out

Solar Eyes Metal Hedgehog

Want to light up dim areas but don’t have a lot of free space? This stout hedgehog figure is an ideal choice. The creature is constructed of tough metal with a patina that takes on a green hue that contrasts with the rich brown color.

Color Wind Spinner with Crystal

When the sun shines, this garden accent illuminates with dazzling beams of light. Made from stainless steel and glass, this piece of art is 3-D features a no-rust coating and includes a swivel S-hook for easy hanging and smooth spinning.

 **Many of the items offered at Falling Water Gardens are limited quantities and cannot or will not be reordered.  If you love it then make sure to visit us and take it home before we sell out!


Fire pots are 50% OFF!

We have a wide assortment of fire pots to choose from! These fire pots provide an elegant ambiance as a dining table centerpiece for your indoor or outdoor living space. They provide a flame like a tiny fire pit, much larger than a Tiki torch and with no smoke!  At this price they make a great gift for you or a hostess, house warming, or birthday gift.  All are on sale at 50% off!


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