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2018 November Newsletter


Christmas trees will go on sale toward the end of November. Follow us on Facebook for daily updates.


Photo courtesy of Green Valley Christmas Trees



Nordmann Fir – Nordmann fir trees are the fancier looking trees with branches that grow upward. They have a naturally flocked look and the needles last longer than the Noble Fir tree. Mild fragrance suited for people with allergies.



Noble Fir – Dense, sturdy, fragrant, and symmetrical. Nobles are one of the most popular varieties. Have a deep bluish-green color. The needles are long and four-sided, twisting upward.



Grand Fir – Very weak limbs that may not be able to hold heavier ornaments. Super fragrant. The needles are a beautiful dark green, flat and glossy.



We want to make sure you get the most out of your Christmas tree this year. To avoid losing large amounts of needles and ensuring your tree to last you through the holiday season, we recommend you follow these steps:


  • Water your tree regularly.
  • Keep your tree away from open flames and heat sources, preferably in a cool room. Under-floor heating will dry out the needles much quicker so try to avoid setting it up in an overly warm space.
  • Cover the floor or table area where you place your tree to protect against water spills.
  • Wear garden gloves when handling your Christmas tree as the needles can cause a mild allergic reaction and rash on sensitive skin.


  • Keep your Christmas tree outside in a sheltered area, preferably standing in water, until you are ready to bring it indoors and set it up. At Falling Water Gardens, we cut the Washington-grown trees upon arrival and place them upright in water.
  • No need to re-cut trees at Falling Water Gardens because we do it as soon as they arrive at the nursery. If you still feel it is necessary to have a fresh cut, prepare the base of your tree using a handsaw. Cut about a half inch to an inch off the bottom to aid water absorption.
  • Don’t cut the base at an angle, in a V-shape. None of these methods help water absorption and they may make it more difficult to hold the tree safely in a stand.
  • Mount your tree as soon as possible.
  • Allow the branches to settle for a few hours before decorating.
  • Tree stands come in different shapes and sizes. You never want your tree to dry out, so the stand needs to have water in it at all times. Water regularly.
  • Make sure your tree is straight before you start decorating it. It’s a good idea for at least two people to put up your tree; one holding it stable while the other fixes the base.
  • Check the water level in your stand every other day and keep topped up.
Are you tired of buying generic Christmas ornaments each year? Looking to having statement pieces that have more sentimental value? Visit the gift shop for a festive and fun selection of ornaments and other holiday decor that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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Rick Perry installed his first pond in his parents garden when he was only 15 years old! Ponds were built out of concrete back then. His parents still own that home and the original pond has been expanded and rebuilt twice, as the technology in pond liners, pumps, and filters continued to evolve. Rick’s love of water in the garden never went away and for over 16 years he continued to install ponds in his own homes and those of his friends and family. After someone suggested that Rick could make a living off of doing what he loved, Falling Water Designs was born. Rick has been involved in the water garden industry longer than there has been a water garden industry. He is very excited by the continuing innovations that are making it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a low maintenance, affordable water feature in the garden. Rick has been interviewed and featured in Koi World Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Water Features for Every Garden by Helen Nash.