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2018 October Newsletter

Cool Plants

Here are some plants that we have in stock at the Falling Water Gardens nursery. We think this selection would look great in your garden right now. Want to know more about these plants? Visit our plant database.

Coreopsis ‘Pink Sapphire’

Coreopsis ‘Pink Sapphire’ has hot-pink flowers with white eyes. A low-growing, upright plant, ‘Pink Sapphire’ blooms for 5 months out of the year. Additionally, ‘Pink Sapphire’ is a hardy coreopsis variety.

  • Light Need: Full Sun
  • Plant characteristic: Herbaceous


Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’

‘Forever Purple’ is a knockout with ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges and great vigor. Very short spikes of purple-pink flowers in summer and four seasons of purple.

  • Light need: Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Plant characteristic: Evergreen

Campanula ‘Birch Hybrid Bellflower’

Showy cup-shaped, purple-blue flowers appear over a long season from mid-spring into summer. Nice, tidy habit is well-suited for walls and crevices, edging, rock gardens and containers. Excellent cut flowers. An herbaceous perennial.

  • Light need: Full Sun
  • Plant characteristic: Herbaceous Perennial

Heuchera ‘Marmalade’

Dramatic foliage ranges from deep golden to glowing reddish pink with undulating margins. Golden mature foliage features contrasting hot pink undersides. An outstanding seasonal accent for border or woodland garden.

  • Light need: Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Plant characteristic: Evergreen

Colocasia Esculenta ‘Pink China’ or ‘Black Magic’

PINK CHINA: Brilliant pink stems and rich green leaves with a pink dot in the center add vibrant color to any container or garden. Possibly the hardiest of all colocasias, ‘Pink China’ can tolerate zone 6 with a heavy layer of mulch as winter protection. It makes the perfect tropical plant for people in colder zones.

BLACK MAGIC: Black Magic’ is an elephant’s ear cultivar which features unusual purplish-black leaves. It is a tuberous, stemless, frost-tender perennial of the arum family (see also calla lily and jack-in-the-pulpit) which typically grows 3-6′ tall and as wide. It is primarily a foliage plant with huge, heart-shaped, conspicuously-veined, downward-pointing, peltate leaves (to 2′ long) on long petioles. As the common name suggests, each leaf purportedly resembles an elephant’s ear.

Kniphofia ‘Mango Popsicle’

Best grown in humus-rich, evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun. Grows well in sandy soils. Intolerant of wet, heavy soils. Plants require sharp soil drainage, particularly in winter when root rot can be a severe problem. Best with a full sun exposure, but tolerates some light shade in hot summer climates.

  • Light need: Full Sun
  • Plant characteristic: Herbaceous

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Rick Perry installed his first pond in his parents garden when he was only 15 years old! Ponds were built out of concrete back then. His parents still own that home and the original pond has been expanded and rebuilt twice, as the technology in pond liners, pumps, and filters continued to evolve. Rick’s love of water in the garden never went away and for over 16 years he continued to install ponds in his own homes and those of his friends and family. After someone suggested that Rick could make a living off of doing what he loved, Falling Water Designs was born. Rick has been involved in the water garden industry longer than there has been a water garden industry. He is very excited by the continuing innovations that are making it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a low maintenance, affordable water feature in the garden. Rick has been interviewed and featured in Koi World Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Water Features for Every Garden by Helen Nash.