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2018 September Newsletter

Featured Koi


Welcome to the newest section of our newsletter. Because so many of our customers are pond and koi owners, we have decided to feature a different breed of koi each month.

This month, we are introducing one of the most popular breeds of koi,  Kohaku. Kohaku enthusiasts are interested in skin quality, pattern, and body shape. Kohaku are known for their lustrous white skin and vibrant red markings. The red markings across the body are called Hi (pronounced hee) and the radiant white is called shiroji. The more shiroji and balanced Hi on a Kohaku, the better!

When considering the body type of a Kohaku, look for a thick caudal peduncle (narrow part of fish’s body that connects to tail fin) and broad upper body.

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A Kohaku enthusiast would look for vibrant and balanced Hi, with crisp lines, contrasting the white and red.

Variations of Kohaku include Doitsu Kohaku, Gin Rin Kohaku, Maruten Kohaku, and Tancho Kohaku.

Visit Falling Water Gardens to see Kohaku and other varieties of koi. They are so easy to love!

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