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2018 September Newsletter

Recent Projects

Bamboo spigot:

This water feature was installed by Falling Water Designs in 2002!  Over sixteen years in service and still working perfectly!  The bamboo spigot which is installed for the enjoyment of the Hummingbirds recently rotted away and we replaced it.  Other than that the water feature has run trouble free.  Want a water feature that will last a lifetime and be hassle free?  Have us install one for you!

Koi Pond:

This client had an existing water feature that was built exactly how you shouldn’t build one.  Shallow, completely rocked on the bottom and sides and with shelves that allowed the predators to wade in and eat their fish.  We demolished the existing pond, dug it down to four feet with perfectly straight sides and only a single ring of large boulders around the edge.  They also upgraded their equipment to all the right pieces to keep large Koi healthy.  Now they have a proper Koi pond full of beautiful fish!

Ceramic Pot:

This client is completely renovating their back garden and wanted a small water feature as a focal point.  We installed an overflowing ceramic pot water feature for them.  It has an underwater light within the pot to make it glow and two spot lights on the outside.  Falling Water Designs can help you choose just about any pot for your water feature.  Ask us how.

Let our experts assist you with designing, planning and installing a pond or fountain to give you that tranquil boost that you’ve been dreaming of. Inquire here!

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