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2019 February Newsletter

Garden Lighting

Benefits of garden lighting:

  • Safety – let the light guide you and your guests at night

    • Use light posts to illuminate paths, walkways, and your driveway.
    • Install lights near any stairs or uneven areas.
  • Security of your home

    • Maintaining your landscape indicates that your home is well cared for, which can discourage trespassing and theft.
    • If you’re concerned about the utility bill costs, set timers or install motion detectors for your outdoor lights.
  • Increase the enjoyment of the investment in your garden

    • Install lights throughout your flower beds to enjoy the beautiful colors and plant life after the sun goes down.
    • Place lights next to fountains or ponds.
    • Install spotlights on your favorite trees.
  • Enhance the property value and curb appeal

    • Highlight features of your home that you are most proud of.
Contact us about installing lighting in your garden!


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  1. Lyn Morgan-Hill

    Do you sell the firepit that looks like a globe (metal with trees and deer)? There was a picture of it in the February newsletter.

    • Michaela

      Yes, we have that large globe fire pit available. It is $564.88. Please email info@FallingWaterGardens.com if you’d like to purchase it. Thank you. -Michaela