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2019 July Newsletter


Installation Highlights

Why a garden pergola?

Pergolas extend your living space by providing more shade and more of a focused walkway in your garden. You can also add climber plants & vines to your pergola to give it life and create even more shade. You’ll appreciate the shaded walkways in the garden on those hot summer days.

Why have a water feature installed?

Water features are a great solution if you’re looking to add a more relaxing element to your garden, but have limited yard space. A water feature can become the focal point to your landscape or be complimentary to what you already have. The sound of running water can drown out loud traffic or noisy neighbors, as well as promote relaxation for you and your family. You may also be adding more value to your real estate investment by adding a water feature.

Why would I want a pond in my yard?

Ponds are visually appealing, especially when it is habitat for a wide range of wildlife. Add colorful koi or an assortment of aquatic plants to draw the viewer’s eye to the pond. Enjoy the pond at all hours by adding underwater lighting. Ponds also decrease the lawn space, which means you can actually conserve water since there is less grass to water. That also means there is less to mow. A well-maintained pond can increase your property value. Relieve stress as you listen to the sound of water splashing from the waterfall or spitter. Many koi owners feel that their koi become members of the family! Get in touch with Falling Water Designs if you’re interested in installing a koi pond. We’ve been installing ponds since 2000!

Are you in need of freshening up your outdoor living space, pond, or water feature?! Inquire with us and let the pros do the work for you!

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