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2019 May Newsletter


This month we are featuring the Woodinville 50′ Stream Project from the past because it is impressive and inspiring!

This client has an existing 10,000 gallon Koi pond that was really lovely but the waterfall/stream was a bit short and they have an amazing hill right behind the pond so we added a 50’ stream/waterfall up the hill with a pool about halfway down.  The project also included a new 10,000 bead filter, a new pump and underwater and terrestrial lighting on the waterfall.

How relaxing would it be to sit on the back porch with your feet up, enjoying a glass of wine, all while listening to the peaceful sound of a moving stream? Increase the value of your property & create a safe haven for natural wildlife with a pond & stream.

Let our experts assist you with designing, planning and installing a pond or fountain to give you that tranquil boost that you’ve been dreaming of. Inquire here!

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