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2019 October Newsletter



Image result for utsuri koiThe name Utsuri is short for Utsurimono. An Utsuri is a black koi with red, yellow, or white markings. The Utsuri koi will have evenly balanced markings.

Shiro (white) Utsuri are two-colored koi and are the most commonly seen. The white should be pure with a subtle sheen and the sumi (black markings) should be jet black and glossy. Dorsal and caudal fins have partial sumi. The Hi Utsurui is red to orange & black, and the Ki Utsuri is yellow & black. The sumi should begin at the mouth or nosed and spaced in a pattern-like manner all the way to the base of the tail.

Follow this Hi Utsuri from our main Koi pond at Falling Water Gardens:

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