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2020 December Newsletter


Here are this month’s featured plants that we have available for purchase at Falling Water Gardens nursery. We think this selection would look great in your garden right now. Visit our plant database to learn more about aquatic & terrestrial plants.


Thuja Occidentalis ~ Holiday Grinch Tree – $17.50

Lemon Cypress ~ Build Your Own Live Christmas Tree – $17.50

Euphorbia X Martini ‘Rudolph’

A compact form of Euphorbia which will brighten the gloomy winter days with a vivid display of glowing red tips. Although the main feature, this ornamental display will be followed in late winter by sprays of tiny red flowers shrouded in limey green bracts typical to this family. A tough and easy to grow plant for most climatic zones and soil types.

  • Light Need: Full Sun or  Partial Shade
  • Water Need: Very low but do not allow to dry out completely

Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’

‘Forever Purple’ is a knockout with ultra-purple glossy leaves with fluted edges and great vigor. Very short spikes of purple-pink flowers in summer and four seasons of purple.

  • Light Need: Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Water Need: Average, better too dry than too wet when established.

Osmanthus Heterophyllus ‘Goshiki’

Extremely tough, strikingly variegated evergreen shrub. Goshiki means ‘five colored’ in Japanese and refers to the various colors found on each leaf. Slower grower. Full sun. Ht. 8-10ft.

  • Light Need: Partial Sun
  • Water Need: Moist, Well-Drained Soil

Heuchera ‘Marmalade’

Dramatic foliage ranges from deep golden to glowing reddish pink with undulating margins. Golden mature foliage features contrasting hot pink undersides. An outstanding seasonal accent for border or woodland garden.

  • Light Need: Full Sun to Full Shade
  • Water Need: Average, better too dry than too wet when established

Plant Database

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Have you checked out our plant database? It contains information about the plants that we sell at the nursery and more!

We have even taken it one step further and have incorporated QR codes into the database to help you save and recall information on the plants you are interested in at home or have bought from our nursery. You can bring us the saved plants from this data base to help us locate the ones you want. As well as when you come to Falling Water Gardens you will be able to scan the plant signs to get further information about the plants and flowers.


What is a QR code? In the simplest terms a QR code is a bar code. Most smart phones come equipped with a bar code/QR code reader that will scan the QR code and bring you to the web page of information about our plants. From there you can bookmark the page. If yours does not contain a QR code reader already, you can download one for free through your phone’s app store.