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2020 January Newsletter


Colorful Flower Stakes


Mason Bee Habitats – Starting at $21.95

Before luring mason bees into your garden, it’s helpful to understand some basics. They are tunnel-nesting, solitary bees, which means that unlike the social honeybee, every female is a “queen” who lays eggs and raises offspring on her own, without the support of a highly-organized, social colony. They are non-aggressive and rarely sting. These bees lay their eggs inside existing tunnels, such as those left by wood-boring beetles or the hollow stems of pithy plants. Luckily, mason bees also nest in man-made tunnels. Visit the gift shop to see our selection of Mason Bee Habitats!

School of Fish – $219.98

Any fishermen out there? Flaunt your hobby with this 3D sculpted school of fish.

Recycled Plastic Adirondack Chairs – $365

We love the splash of color these awesome chairs add to the yard. Each chair uses 579 recycled milk jugs. 7/8” thick material with solid color. The wood grain finish is heavy, durable, and impervious to water. Guaranteed never to rot, crack, or splinter!

Funky Fish Wind Chime – $31.67

Add a bit of coastal flair to your yard or garden with this rainbow colored wind chime. Featuring 12 different colored glass fish, this piece serves as a vibrantly colored wind chime outdoors or as a wonderful hanging indoor accent.

Butterfly Rain Chain – $75.95

This Butterfly Rain Chain banishes all the blues of a rainy day! Designed to replace an unsightly downspout, this rain chain takes the form of stunning butterflies as rainwater is diverted downward.

Jeweled Piggy Bank – $25.67

New year, new savings! Start your rainy day fund with this Jeweled Pig!

Metal Sunflower Stake – $70.95

The last flower standing in the garden that will always be in bloom.

Belle the Alligator – $190

The garden/yard statue measures almost 30″ in height and would be a lovely addition to any pool party or garden!

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