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2020 March Newsletter


Mason Bee Cocoons & Houses

Mason bee cocoons are available for sale on March 1st! When setting out the cocoons, be sure that there are open blooms nearby for the bees to feed on and the outdoor temperature is a minimum of 55°F. It is safe to store the cocoons in your fridge till then.

Attract effective pollinator mason bees to your garden with the wooden shelters we sell in the gift shop. We have many different styles to choose from. We also have the mason bee mud and attractant. 

Care to learn more about beneficial insects? Read more here.

Bronze Crane – $150

Make a grand statement with this exquisite gilded Bronze Crane displaying an impressive wing span.

Our Nest Is Best, Pebble Bird Plaque – $14

We just added an assortment of these cheerful plaques to our inventory. Visit the gift shop to see our latest additions!

Metal & Glass Hummingbird Bird-feeder – $29

For all of the hummingbird fans out there!

Colorful Birds On River Stone – $12-$18

Rain Chains – starting at $75.95

March & April are known for being wet and dreary. Replace your traditional downspout with a rain chain that guides the rain water down while creating soothing rain sound; this rain chain can be a focal point of your water garden.

Wings Up Flamingo 46″ – $172

Our pink flamingo is ready to strut her stuff across your patio or garden with poise and style, thanks to the handiwork of some very talented artisans. Wonderfully detailed and painted for the full appreciation of friends and family, she just might be ready to take flight.


Woodland Resin Angel with Solar Lantern – $170

This elegant angel solar statuary will light your path with a soft glow.

Large Leaf Lantern – $300

Lend a touch of eclectic charm to your lighting. The bold pops of color enhance the visual appeal.


Molten Glass VaseMolten Glass Sculptures – 20% OFF

We still have some left! These Molten glass sculptures are truly unique and each one is one of kind. Several sizes to choose from. Each is shaped and molded to fit onto it’s base. The bigger sizes are great for beta fish.

Solar Power Animals – 50% OFF

Our solar animals are now on sale at 50% off. This includes the black bears with the flower and beehive, hedgehog, raccoon and frog.

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