2020 May Newsletter


46” Tranquility Sphere Spill Fountain – $1,040

The right stone fountain is the perfect way to complement your private garden, patio space, or courtyard area. Accent your space with a beautiful contemporary piece life this. Water flows from the sphere, hugging the shape as it cascades down, and flows into the tier below before spilling out in separate streams.

Boulder Birdbaths – $220-$345

Will endure for centuries outdoors as Mother Nature intended.

2 Drooping Glass Solar Flower Stake – 3 Assorted Colors – $31.98

This Flower Stake is a sure way to add a little flare to your garden setting. This is a must-have for any gardening enthusiast.

4′ Tall Napa Big Daddy Rooster – $630

Detailed and layered feathering makes these Napa Metal Roosters truly stand out. Highlighted in rich earth tones of green, orange, yellow, red and brown.

XL Secret Solar Garden Stake – 4 Assorted – $46.98

Show off your style and character with this beautiful flower garden stake.

Hanging Baskets – Starting at $40

Hanging baskets are a Mother’s Day gift staple and for good reason. They’re beautiful, they last longer than cut flowers, and for much of the country, the timing is perfect to start gardening. Come take a peak at our hanging baskets that we’ve been growing for you!

Blue Cow Planter

This metal (iron) planter has three wooden legs that raise the planter off the floor. It is shaped like a cow face with eyes, snout, and ears.

Glass Sea Globe – $37.99

Sea Globes are a collection of tiny shells and sand encased in a lightly rippled glass ball. Each one is handcrafted and unique. The shells inside vary from itty bitty starfish to classic oysters. Give the globe a gentle shake and you’ll have a whole new beach to explore!

Solar Flower Glass Birdfeeder Stakes 🦜 – $37.99

Beautify your yard or garden with one of these gorgeous solar glass birdfeeder stakes.