2020 November Newsletter

Christmas Tree lot at Falling Water Gardens in Monroe, Washington


Magnolia, Seattle, WA

This customer met us many years ago at the NW Flower and Garden show and kept our brochure until she was ready to have a small water feature in her garden rebuilt.  The old water feature was created using inferior components, leaked, and had caused her problems for some time.  We demolished the old water feature and made it look like a dry creek bed and then created a new, smallish water feature in her tiny city garden.  The water feature was installed in a new area that provides better views, and includes all the proper equipment to make her maintenance minimal.

“I’d been trying to get my DIY waterfall to work for a decade! This year I gave up and called Falling Water Designs, and have the pond garden of my dreams. Now I can stick with the gardening part of gardening.”

Suzanne (Owner)

Here are photos showing a yard with ferns crying out for a working water feature, from a team who knows what they are doing! More coming when I download from my camera.

Again, I am so THRILLED with the after! I suspect you knew when I literally couldn’t keep my hands off it, even before you were done. It is even better than I’d hoped, so artistically done, and gorgeous from every approach. I love that you really knew your plants, not just hardscaping.

You guys are a wonderful crew and I truly enjoyed having you here. And that’s something I’ve NEVER said about a contractor before. (Love the finished product, sure, but enjoy the process? Hardly!)

Suzanne (Owner)

Bothell, Washington

Our customers needed a new front garden.  The next door neighbor installed an evergreen hedge that is now about 30’ tall and shading the entire garden to the point  that grass will no longer grow.  Rick’s design included removing all the sod and installing shade loving plants in white, green, purple and black.  An additional requirement is leaving access for a large truck to back into the garden to trim the overgrown hedge on their side when necessary.

Mercer Island, Washington

Our customers asked for a pondless water feature in their front garden to help drown out the road noise.  We also installed a stone bench so they can enjoy the water feature.

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