2020 November Newsletter

Christmas Tree lot at Falling Water Gardens in Monroe, Washington

Featured Koi

Bekko Koi

Example of a Shiro Bekko koi fish. Photo credit: KoiQuestion on Flickr

Bekko koi are non-metallic. They are solid white, red, or yellow with black markings. The head of Bekko koi should always be free of any sumi (black) markings. This breed of koi is one of the easiest breeds to identify, which is why it’s a popular breed for beginning koi enthusiasts.

  • Solid white with sumi markings on the body = Bekko
  • Solid red/orange with sumi markings on the body = Aka Bekko
  • Solid yellow with sumi markings on the body = Ki Bekko <— this is the rarest.

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