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2020 September Newsletter


This month we are throwing it back to a year ago because we are in the middle of a couple exciting projects that we will share with you later.

Monroe, Washington

2018 Back Garden Installation: Our client performs healing services and wanted to create a healing garden for her customers. Rick chose plant material that has medicinal value and plants that are fragrant. The columns were specifically set next to the destination patio to add more privacy.

2019 Front Garden: They asked us to come back to work on the front garden. We installed a formal water feature, garden lighting, and a new walkway. Based on the photos of the back garden (one year apart) you can see how the plant material really thrives and comes to life. The color combinations Rick chooses for his garden designs are incredible! We are so thrilled with the back garden and look forward to seeing the front garden blossom also!

Greenlake, Washington

This is a repeat client, located in the Greenlake area. We have designed their front and back gardens in the past. Over 2018-2019, they rented out their property and the gardens became somewhat neglected. They hired us to come back and freshen up & re-do the back garden.

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