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Date:June 18, 2014

May Recent Project

For this month’s recent project our client recently purchased a new home that had the start of a wonderful outdoor space. It had an outdoor fireplace and even a pizza oven! Unfortunately though the space also had a lot of lawn, huge piles of river rock and cheap looking concrete pavers for the patio. Also because the patio was two levels and without lighting guests and homeowners were falling off the step.

mayproject_before01 mayproject_before02
With that in mind Rick’s design improvements included removing the lawn and transforming the space into a Mediterranean styled garden. The lawn and river rocks that were originally there were replaced with garden beds, beautiful plants, crushed stone paths, a bubbling water feature garden lighting, beautiful large ceramic pots and a lovely natural stone patio! LED lighting was added and now no more worry about tripping in the dark.


The plants included in the design are sun loving and drought tolerant. Orange, yellow and purple are the primary colors. Raised vegetable beds were installed with drip irrigation to help with watering and eventually four garden benches will be installed in the center. mayproject_after01