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Waterfall Stream Retention Pond – Monroe, WA

Monroe, Washington These clients installed a retention pond to get permitting for adding a barn and arena area for their horses.  The retention pond is about 100’ long and 35’ wide at the bottom.  We brought in 31 tons of granite boulders for the outcropping work and to build a long w

Woodinville 50′ Stream Project

Woodinville 50′ Stream Project This client has an existing 10,000 gallon Koi pond that was really lovely but the waterfall/stream was a bit short and they have an amazing hill right behind the pond so we added a 50’ stream/waterfall up the hill with a pool about halfway down.  T

Barbara M.

This client wanted a full revamp of their yard to bring it from flab to fab! A beautiful water feature and waterfall combo was installed that also included a ‘pondless’ reservoir. This included using large granite boulders instead of the smaller basalt rocks that most othe
Ann K water feature

Ann K – Koi Pond & Waterfall

For this client they wanted their old and small goldfish pond removed and a bigger and beautiful koi pond created in it’s place instead. The Koi pond when finished was about 13ft by 12ft and a little deeper then 3ft deep and also included a 12ft long waterfall into the pond.