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Pond Winterization

POND WINTERIZATION The pond winterization process actually begins in fall. Water temperature drops to about 50°F towards the end of October. The biological filter stops functioning as bacteria dies off and aquatic plants begin to die back. Dead organic matter dropping to the bottom of

2016 October Newsletter

Welcome to October’s Newsletter Summer is over and Fall has begun! It’s that time to get your ponds ready for winter. If you haven’t already you’ll want to schedule your fall pond cleaning. Are you a do it yourselfer? We’ve got our How To on how to winter

2016 September Newsletter

Welcome to September’s Newsletter Summer has finally arrived! Yeah! But in a few more days children will be returning to school! Yeah! Remember to be careful in school zones. Our ponds, fish and gardens are doing great and we don’t want to think about upcoming Fall weather. Here

Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to October’s Newsletter It’s officially fall but wow have we’ve had some beautiful days so far! The autumn colors are popping right now in Western Washington, and all the areas surrounding Monroe are ripe for the viewing. We also still have a little time to s