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Beneficial Insects

BENEFICIAL INSECTS Mason Bees Mason bees are a type of native bee that’s quite common throughout most of the U.S. They are usually a little smaller than a honeybee, and typically metallic blue or blue-black in color. They get their name from their habit of nest-building, which is to s

2019 February Newsletter

Welcome to February’s Newsletter Is anyone else feeling inspired and eager for spring? We sure are. We’ve decided to structure February’s Newsletter a little differently, hoping it will inspire you to pursue gardening and pond-related hobbies and enjoyment. For this

2018 April Newsletter

Welcome to April’s Newsletter Anybody else welcoming spring with open arms?! The sunshine has been much appreciated and has us so excited for this season of growth and colorful blooms in the gardens. It’s time to get your ponds ready for the season and sign up for pond cle

2016 April Newsletter

Welcome to April’s Newsletter How awesome is it that Spring is here! With that though it means it’s time to get your ponds ready for the season and or signed up for pond cleanings. As it stands our pond temperature is reading above 50 degrees Fahrenheit so those with fish

Newsletter April 2015

Welcome Can you believe Spring is here! Are you ready for it? In April’s Newsletter we’ll be going over on How To get your your garden and or water feature ready for the warmer weather. Want to know what plants will look good in your garden right now? Then check out the Co

Newsletter March 2015

Welcome Spring is right around the corner! Are you ready? If not read on to find out some tips and advice we have to get your garden and pond in the right direction. In this newsletter we will be discussing if you should feed your fish, new products for sale in our gift shop, pond cle