Carex muskingumensis ‘Oehme’


Variegated Palm Sedge

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Don’t let its exotic tropical appearance fool you–this sedge is cold hardy to zone 4 (-30 degrees F)! This cultivar’s deciduous foliage radiates up around its triangular stems like the leaves of a palm tree. Each leaf arches gracefully at the tip. Though they emerge all-green, the leaves develop broad yellow margins as they mature. This color intensifies throughout the season (best from midsummer on). Tiny flowers are carried above the leaves on long, slender stalks in early summer, though it is most often the unique foliage that is used in fresh bouquets. This sedge works well as an accent or specimen plant, slowly spreading ground cover, or in containers. It is not invasive. Use it beside a water feature or grow it in a pot set directly into shallow water (3-4 inches deep maximum) for an exotic look. It makes a good erosion control for moist banks and can even be used as a tall lawn substitute.

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