Monstera adansonii

Swiss Cheese Plant


Monstera adansonii is an easy to grow houseplant. This variety is more delicate than deliciosa and grows beautiful and delicate vines. Plant it in a pot with drainage holes and use a standard potting soil that contains peat. Peat helps trap the moisture without becoming waterlogged. This is a great plant to place in a hanging basket or on a high shelf where its trailing vines won’t get in the way. Place near a window where the plant can get bright, but indirect, sunlight. You may trim the vines if they start to look scraggly to encourage new growth.

Monsteras typically require a higher level of humidity, so you may need to consider a humidifier in the winter.

Use caution as Monsteras can be toxic to pets, so it is best to keep them out of reach of kids and pets.

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