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2018 September Newsletter

What’s New, Worth Checking Out, & Sales!


Airplane Spinner

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden or planter with this airplane spinner. The playful design and eye-catching red color is sure to enhance any outdoor space.

Watercolor Battery Lit Gazing Ball

Bring charm and color to your outdoor landscape, desk or patio with the battery powered table top globe. Featuring LED lights and an on/off switch with built in timer.

Busy Bee Table Lamp

Light up your office space with this darling bee that glows a color that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Kissy Goldfish Decorative Plate


Colorful and decorative glass plate with amazingly detailed kissy goldfish.

Bird Nesting Globe – Filled with Alpaca Fleece

Attract hummingbirds & wild birds year round with this bird nesting globe. Fleece from our own locally raised alpacas. The fleece helps regulate body temperature. $14.88.


Worth Checking Out

Vesuvio Water Fountain

This dramatic fountain is a harmony of opposites, where modern shapes blend with distressed surfaces, and tranquil water flow is fed by an eruption of lighted churning, bubbling water viewed through unique Plexiglas windows. Glowing underwater light brings the entire creation to life. 15% off all of our display fountains! There is a wide selection to choose from.

Assortment of Pots

Bold statements that would be so perfectly complimented with our plant selection and our buy three, get one free plant sale!

Wind Chime GongWind Chime Gongs

With fall coming you know there will be wind and storms. Listen to some beautiful gong music with this wind chime gong.

Seahawks Decor

Show your pride with our one-of-a-kind Seahawks decor! 20% off on select Seahawks decor.



Buy 3, Get 1 Free – Terrestrial / Aquatic Plants (Mix & Match)

It’s not too late! This awesome sale is still going on.

fishBuy 3, Get 1 Free On $25+ Fish

Now is the time to stock up on koi or goldfish! We will continue this sale until the temperature gets too low to transport fish.

ALL FALL DECOR: Buy 1, Get 1 Free!

Who loves fall?! We know it’s a popular season here in the PNW. We have tons of cute decorations available. Stock up with this amazing sale!



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Rick Perry installed his first pond in his parents garden when he was only 15 years old! Ponds were built out of concrete back then. His parents still own that home and the original pond has been expanded and rebuilt twice, as the technology in pond liners, pumps, and filters continued to evolve. Rick’s love of water in the garden never went away and for over 16 years he continued to install ponds in his own homes and those of his friends and family. After someone suggested that Rick could make a living off of doing what he loved, Falling Water Designs was born. Rick has been involved in the water garden industry longer than there has been a water garden industry. He is very excited by the continuing innovations that are making it possible for every homeowner to enjoy a low maintenance, affordable water feature in the garden. Rick has been interviewed and featured in Koi World Magazine, Sports Illustrated, and Water Features for Every Garden by Helen Nash.