Water Features


We design and install Koi ponds, natural waterfalls, Goldfish ponds, small and large natural

basalt water features, small iron urns, natural landscape streams, small ceramic containers, large formal fountains, and just about any water feature you can imagine! 

Depending on your needs and budget, the complexity of the water feature you choose, and material availability, our experienced installation team can usually complete your water feature installation within three days.

We have installed many diverse water features. To insure your complete satisfaction with any new water feature, we highly recommend you hire the installation of water features from licensed installers who have completed the successful installation of a minimum of three water features. We far exceed this minimum and guarantee our work to prove it!


Having a problem with a water feature in your landscape? No problem. We’re glad to visit your site and evaluate the situation. As well, check out our water feature maintenance plan offerings.