Falling Water Designs recognizes the ever-changing environment of the Pacific Northwest. It is a common misconception that our environment receives sufficient rain year-round to support the modern, urban garden. In fact, our area experiences an ever-increasing drought cycle, particularly during the summer and fall. And, during our rainier seasons, the rainfall may seem constant, but it is often not enough to provide sufficient moisture to sustain plant life. Even a plant that is labelled “drought tolerant” will require supplemental water for at least the first two years of its life in your landscape.

Because today’s garden requires supplemental water, Falling Water Designs offers complete irrigation design, installation, and maintenance services. We can design a program to meet the needs of your existing landscape or to meet the requirements of the design project we develop with you. As well, we can help you develop a garden that will require less and less supplemental water over time by installing plants that will acclimate to our ever-decreasing water reserves.