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2019 September Newsletter


New & Worth Checking Out

Be sure to visit the nursery to see ALL of the latest products and plants!

Hand-blown Glass Vases with Wood Base -$126.95+

20% off

  • Handcrafted of 100% recycled glass
  • Made of wood root and hand blown glass
  • One of a kind unique piece, no two pieces are the same
  • Handcrafted by skilled glass blowing artisans


Antique Koi Spitter – $48.95

The Antique Koi Spitter strikes the perfect balance between elegance and whimsy and creates a stunning centerpiece for your pond or water feature. We have ONE left!

White Mermaid Birdbath – $99.99

This dreamy mermaid is holding up a shell bath for any and all birds.

Venetian Winslow Bridge – $415

Over a small stream or creek in the backyard, our beautiful metal Winslow Garden Bridge will uplift your garden in height, style, and romance.

Pond & Garden Lighting – $52.98+

Bring your pond or garden to life after the sun goes down!

Assorted Rain Chains – $75.95+

Originating hundreds of years ago in Japan, Rain Chains are a decorative alternative to the plain gutter downspout we’ve all become accustomed to.

Concrete Buddha Head Statuary – $110

Serene Buddha head statuary for a Zen garden accent.


Assorted Pots

We have so many gorgeous pots throughout the nursery ready for you to take home!

SALES – End of Season Discounts!

Frankenstein & Skeleton Fog Machines

was $59.99 — now $28

Jack-o-Lanterns, & Owls

75% OFF!!!!


Fish $35 or more are buy three get one free!

Terrestrial & Aquatic plants are buy three get one free, mix & match!

**Many of the items are limited quantities and may not be reordered. If you love it then be sure to visit us in the near future to take it home before we sell out!

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