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Below are a few of our design and installations projects we have done. Please contact us if you have any questions about any of these projects or would like us to make you an estimate for your own project.

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Whidbey Island | 350ft Pathway

WHIDBEY ISLAND This is a repeat customer with cabin property over on Whidbey Island. We created a 35
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Winter Projects

PROJECT #1: Formal pond: This customer had an existing koi pond that was less than two feet deep and
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Woodinville Project

These clients have had us work on their property over a number of years. We started in the back gard
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Snohomish Koi Pond Rebuild Project

For this Snohomish Koi Pond Rebuild Project, our team demolished the existing pond, dug it bigger an
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Ceramic Pot – Water Feature

This client is completely renovating their back garden and wanted a small water feature as a focal p
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Koi Pond

This client had an existing water feature that was built exactly how you shouldn’t build one. Shallo
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Returning Client – Bamboo Spigot

This water feature was installed by Falling Water Designs in 2002!  Over sixteen years in service an
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Yin & Yang Landscape Design Project

Here is a project we’ve recently completed. This is Rick’s design. Our client performs healing servi
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Spring 2018

Falling Water Designs has been SO busy this month. It feels like we’ve done a million pond cleanings
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Burien Project

This customer wanted a new water feature in the back garden with enough sound to drown out the nearb
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Fox Island Project

Fox Island Project These are repeat customers who have been building their retirement home on Fox Is
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Woodinville 50′ Stream Project

Woodinville 50′ Stream Project This client has an existing 10,000 gallon Koi pond that was rea
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