Tobira Condos Installation

Falling Water Designs is a full service landscaping design and installation company that specializes in ponds and water features. We also do sprinkler repair and new system installation. As well, we design and install outdoor lighting, create customized patios, other stone work, fences, arbors, specialty outdoor entertainment areas and more.


Falling Water Designs installs, designs water features and ponds of all kinds and has been doing so since 1985. Our range includes large formal fountains, small entryway urns, ceramic container gardens, beautiful natural waterfalls, ponds for fish and plants, and Koi ponds. We customize our work to fit your needs and your space. Take a look at examples of our work in our portfolio section.

We have over 50 years combined experience in our field, and because we are true experts in fish and plant health, we strive to create environments that allow fish and plants to thrive and provide years of enjoyment for our clients.


We install as many as six water features and ponds per month, unlike some landscape companies who install only one or two water feature or ponds per year, and we have the design skill to create beautiful natural looking water gardens without the use of ugly unnatural mortar.

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