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Is Algae Growing In Your Pond?

I’ve got algae in my pond. Now what? There are three types of algae that can grow in your pond: Planktonic Algae This is a free swimming algae that grows in warm water and turns the water a pea-soup green color so you can’t see the bottom or the fish. Filamentous Algae Also know

Pond and Fish Care in Freezing Weather

POND & FISH CARE IN FREEZING WEATHER Freezing weather is in the forecast. Here’s how to keep your fish and pond equipment safe. FISH Koi and Goldfish are extremely hardy. The cold weather doesn’t affect them too much. As water temperatures decrease, you will notice your fish slowl

2018 November Newsletter

Welcome to November’s Newsletter The dark days of November are here, but they don’t have to be gloomy or depressing. Come visit the gift shop at Falling Water Gardens to find fun lighting options and the cutest holiday gifts and decor that will brighten up your holidays! V