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Winter Care For Water Lilies

Hardy Water Lilies Being in Washington State, we are fortunate enough to experience all four seasons. As we transition into fall and winter, pond gardens begin to fade. We receive many questions this time of year regarding water lilies and the proper care for them in winter. Should I

Pond Winterization

POND WINTERIZATION The pond winterization process actually begins in fall. Water temperature drops to about 50°F towards the end of October. The biological filter stops functioning as bacteria dies off and aquatic plants begin to die back. Dead organic matter dropping to the bottom of

Pond and Fish Care in Freezing Weather

POND & FISH CARE IN FREEZING WEATHER Freezing weather is in the forecast. Here’s how to keep your fish and pond equipment safe. FISH Koi and Goldfish are extremely hardy. The cold weather doesn’t affect them too much. As water temperatures decrease, you will notice your fish slowl

2019 February Newsletter

Welcome to February’s Newsletter Is anyone else feeling inspired and eager for spring? We sure are. We’ve decided to structure February’s Newsletter a little differently, hoping it will inspire you to pursue gardening and pond-related hobbies and enjoyment. For this

2018 December Newsletter

Welcome to December’s Newsletter Happy Holidays to all of you! We hope your Thanksgiving was filled with good food and great company. Did you have a chance to pick out your Christmas tree yet? Have no fear, we still have MANY gorgeous trees available. Why buy your Christmas tree

2016 October Newsletter

Welcome to October’s Newsletter Summer is over and Fall has begun! It’s that time to get your ponds ready for winter. If you haven’t already you’ll want to schedule your fall pond cleaning. Are you a do it yourselfer? We’ve got our How To on how to winter