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Updated: 11.29.23

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2012 Northwest Flower and Garden Show

Although we didn’t have as grand a presence as in recent years, we helped out with constructing a modern “water wall”. (Go ahead and click on the image to display a larger version). In collaboration with designer Kristy Ditmore and nursery person Jamaie McAuliffe, the garden “Kodachrome – Give Us Nice Bright Colors” was born.

From the NWFGS website:

“Kodachrome” is an old Paul Simon song popular for its lyrics that paint a vivid picture in our minds of bright colors, the greens of summer and all the world is a sunny day! These visions can be true in your own outdoor space by creating a tapestry of plants with jewel-like colors and appealing textures. In a modern design with the musical sound of water, add wooded screens to compliment nature, and a mix of metal to reflect all of these elements in your own “space.” You can paint the picture in your mind – or better yet, just go enjoy!

Water cascaded down the polished stainless steel sheet imposed on a tiled glass background. We even got written up in the newspaper! Read the article in the Monroe Monitor.