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Updated: 11.29.23

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2023 April Newsletter

Hello April!

We’re a few weeks into Spring and already we’re buzzing with activity at the nursery! We’ll highlight some of the new plants and important gardening tips below, along with information on our upcoming Mother’s Day Event!

We are planning a great Mother’s Day Weekend here at Falling Water Gardens. Come visit us on May 14th and 15th.  

On Mother’s Day weekend Moms get to take home a free 4-inch flower, and we will have beautiful hanging baskets ready for purchase, complimentary refreshments, and fun activities.

We will also have the gardens decorated for events – feel free to visit the labyrinth, the formal garden and more!

This design was just finished for a couple who purchased a new construction home.

It includes planting beds, new plants, a small water feature, paths throughout the garden and an area for a shed and raised planting beds. Many of our clients ask for a front or back garden design/install and end up calling us back in a year or two to do the other garden. We think that says a lot about our design and installation skills!

Falling Water Designs handles everything from smaller goldfish ponds to major installs like you see here – everything is customized to fit the needs and space of our clients. We also offer one of the region’s best selections of Koi and aquatic plants for incredible ongoing support of your new addition!


Doitsu Shusui

These stunning koi (see a video on our Instagram!) are a partially scaleless breed, typically with a pattern along the spine. They’re similar in color to the Asagi variant, and are actually a cross between the Asagi and German mirror carp from the early 1900s. 

Shusui have a single line of blue scales running along the dorsal line from head to tail. They have red accents that may be located on the gills, fins or the rest of the body. 

This eye-catching Koi will make a great addition to your collection – visit us today to get one for your pond!

Keeping Your Koi Happy

Koi are cold-water fish that thrive in water temperatures between 59-77°F. Their metabolism reacts to the temperature of the water that they live in. Fish do not have stomach acids, thus they use enzymes to digest food. However, they do not create digestive enzymes in water temperatures below 50°F.

At 50° you can start to feed your fish cool water foods. We have a great selection of quality fish foods within our Gift Shop at our nursery.

pH Balance & Your Pond

You will want to check the pond’s pH level as part of your pond maintenance. Koi LOVE pH balances between 7 and 8.6.

To test the chemistry of your pond you will want to test for:

– Ammonia
– pH
– Water hardness

At Falling Water Gardens we have a nice selection of testing kits that will allow you the opportunity to monitor your pond pH balances. Stop by our Nursery and gift shop to purchase your Wide Range pH Test Kit.

Getting your pond ready for spring

Around this time of year, we also see an increase of green algae forming in our ponds. This is a normal occurrence, however, we do want to focus on healthy pond environments, and you will want to promote healthy bacteria in your pond. 

Read all about how to fully prepare your pond for spring in this article of Spring Pond Maintenance made easy, 

You will also want to read up on all the things that will keep your fish happy and healthy in this in-depth article regarding fish health and nutrients.

Blue Corydalis

This bright blue flower does great in a shady area and offers wonderful color even early in the spring! It is relatively easy to care for and should feature flowers from March through May.








This “harmony orchid” anemone features rich purple/pink petals and a lush fern-like foliage. The Anemone is a perennial bulb that will spread and flower from mid to late spring!







The daphne shrub isn’t quite in bloom yet, but it should be in the coming days! This is a wonderful evergreen shrub with little scented flowers that does well in full sun or partial shade.






Sprinkles Ranunculus

Pretty in pink! This is another perennial that does well in mid spring now that temperatures are starting to rise. Featuring large blooms, the Ranunculus does well in full sun to partial shade and makes an excellent border or container flower.






Marsh Marigold

Also known as a kingcup, the marsh marigold is actually an aquatic member of the buttercup family. Expect to see these yellow blooms early in the season if your plants get sun.







This stunning bunch of purple and yellow blooms is hiding a rich dark green shrublet that blooms twice per year – once in the spring and again in the fall!

Our Open House is on May 13th from 10am to 3pm! Come enjoy the gardens and see the gorgeous blooms, wander our mock wedding setup and imagine all the possibilities of your own special day, and meet loads of vendors that just might be the right one for you! Bring mom or some friends and make it a day out! Stay tuned for more info, and put it in your calendar – you won’t want to miss it!

Also, don’t forget to check us out on Instagram for updates on vendors and other important info. It’s our biggest bash of the year!