Clue #7

I am the King of the primates! My name is Tor and I am mainly a herbivore. My hair is black, and I have yellow eyes. Take a photo with me and win a prize!!!

*Please show a staff member the photo and they will give you a special peacock feather!

Clue #2Clue #2

Great job! Here is a hint for Clue #2: I am a reptile that has been around for over 200 million years. Some of us can live to be over

Clue #4Clue #4

Great job! Let’s get to our next clue… Clue #4: I am the tallest in the garden of whimsical spinners. When the wind blows, I come alive. Come find me

Clue #5Clue #5

ALMOST THERE! Here is Clue #5: The next clue is near the coop. Come say hi to the peacock, chicken, and rooster mix and you shall find clue six! Save