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Updated: 04.08.24

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Explore our stunning large koi pond

Autumn is just around the corner!

In this newsletter, we’ll take a look at the large koi pond here on the property and feature some of the plants we have as part of the landscaping. 

We’ll also do a short walk-through of the task-at-hand to prepare your koi or goldfish pond for winter.

Come visit us just outside Monroe! You can also connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

large koi pond
large koi pond
large koi pond

We are now on fall hours! We will be open Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

We are also featuring our fall sale:
All plants, both terrestrial and aquatic, are buy three get one free!
All fish over $70 are buy three, get one free!

We will continue to sell fish until the water temperature reaches 55 degrees, so now is the time to pick up a few last-minute additions!

Many of our display items are on 50% clearance – check out the gift shop section below or come visit us at the nursery.

dream koi pond dream koi pond dream koi pond

Come walk our large koi pond!

This month we’re featuring one of our newest installs at our Monroe nursery, the large koi pond on the north edge of the property! You can see a virtual tour on Youtube.

This pond was installed in late 2022 and while there is still work to be done, it’s already become a favorite destination for visitors.

The pond itself is around 100,000 gallons and utilizes a pair of skimmers, two pumps and three-inch plumbing to keep everything moving. The pumps feed a garden stream that stretches 250 feet, pouring 20,000 gallons per hour over several small waterfalls.

On the east edge of the pond, we’ve installed several bog garden areas with plants that love a little extra water. Here you’ll find grasses like sedge, carnivorous pitcher plants, and perennial flowers like black-eyed susan and bright red cardinal flower.

We plan to install a perimeter walking path and a second footbridge, as well as adding more landscaping around the pond.

The fish in this pond are truly special. These are some of the oldest and largest koi we have, many donated by customers whose fish have outgrown their ponds at home or customers who have sold their homes and couldn’t keep their fish. Even from the edge, it’s easy to spot some of the decades-old jumbo koi beneath five feet of water.

We have a container for visitors to feed the koi, as well as a small seating area and steps leading down to the pond from the main nursery.

If you’re looking to find large koi pond contractor or have questions about upgrades to your own pond, give us a call!


Koi are usually kept for their bright colors – the red, the white, even pearl and silver. But did you know koi come in black?

This is the karasu variety, or karasugoi, an all black koi fish. Check out a short video on our Instagram page!

They can have some color on the belly, but should be mostly black without any color on their back. In sunlight, they often have a blue sheen.

Traditionally, these black koi are known to bring good luck and we often say it’s a good idea to have at least one black fish in each pond. Karasu is the Japanese word for ‘crow’, a bird that symbolizes gratitude, guidance, divineness and good luck.

You can find karasu koi in our large and small ponds here at the nursery, as well as for sale in the fish house.

We have a wide selection of koi and goldfish in our fish house here at Falling Water Gardens, but we do keep a smaller collection through the winter months. We’ll have our larger fish on sale in October- buy three, get one free! We’ll continue to sell fish until the water temperature reaches 50 degrees.

See our Fall Prep section for tips on how to care for your koi as the seasons change.

These are some of the plants we have around our large koi pond in our Pond Corner feature! These are all relatively new additions, so it’s a little easier to envision adding to your own pond than if they were more established. 

Take note of the pitcher plants located inside the pond liner! We love this little bog garden, which allows the water from the pond to flow freely into this miniature marsh.

Everest Sedge Dream Koi Pond


A mounding fountain of ribbon-like white-striped green foliage that will add wonderful texture to any dappled sun or shade garden. Forms a neat mound of foliage that arches up from the crown and weeps gracefully. An excellent container or landscape specimen for beds and borders. Plant en masse for a stunning effect. Evergreen.


Sarracenia are usually the focus of a hardy carnivorous planting. They are a natural for water’s edge or in a bog garden. Sarracenia need at least six hours of direct sun during spring and summer for best growth.


Marvelous ruffled foliage of dazzling silvers with tints of rose purple will leave you spellbound. The purple tones are more prominent in the spring and fall. Silver tones are more prevalent in shade. It forms a big plant with a dense, multi-crown habit. Great in containers or in the landscape.


‘Ascot Rainbow’, or also known as Flowering Spurge has colorful, variegated foliage that lasts from spring to fall. Its foliage is topped with petite, variegated lime green flowers. Flowering Spurge is easy-to-grow, drought tolerant and unappealing to deer

Plant Database

Did you see something you’re interested in on a recent visit and can’t remember the instructions to care for your new plant? Check out our plant database, and ever-growing index of the plants we sell here at the nursery. You can get tips on the amount of sun, watering needs, placement in the garden and even other plants that may pair well with what you have!

If you’re ever here on site and are curious about something you see, scan the QR code on the sign to access the database entry on the plant in question.

If you or someone you know are planning to get married next summer, come and visit us at Falling Water Gardens! We’ve been busy with tours in the last few months, even after we’ve taken down the seasonal portions of the venue.

We give tours all year long, as the venue remains open to the public in the off-season. Contact us for details, or to schedule a walkthrough!

We also have our annual open house coming in May – stay tuned for details, and mark Mother’s Day weekend!