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Newsletter April 2015

Cool Plants

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lithodora_grace_wardLithodora ‘Grace Ward’

This blue mat-like perennial looks gorgeous around rocks and landscape boulders. Use at the top of retaining walls or to soften unsightly curbs. Like a ground cover, it spreads over a very large area. Great on slopes, berms and banks to offer both color and erosion control. Though it’s ideal for the traditional rock garden, it’s also a natural in the Mediterranean landscape.

  • Light Need: Partial to full sun
  • Average landscape size: 6-12in tall, 3 to 4ft wide.
  • Plant characteristic: Evergreen

Lithodora diffusa Grace Ward


Forsythia KumsonForsythia ‘Kumson’

The brilliant golden flowers of forsythia herald the arrival of spring and bring the promise of yet another new gardening season. There’s a special reassuring quality about seeing the first flowers of the year – the certain knowledge that the dreary winter weather will soon be behind us and the excitement of another new season looms. Along with the swelling of buds, the bursting forth of growth, and gaiety of massed blooms comes the magical feeling that spring is here. It’s the time when the doldrums of cabin fever ease, gardeners’ hearts beat a little faster, and green thumbs positively begin to twitch!

  • Light need: Partial to full sun
  • Average landscape size: 6ft tall, 5ft wide
  • Plant characteristic: Deciduous


bleedingheart_valintineDicentra spectabilis ‘Valentine’

Dicentra ( Bleeding Hearts ) is an old time favorite for the shade garden characterized by dangling heart-shaped flowers in spring. Dicentra grow best in filtered sunlight in well-drained soil rich in organic matter. Plants have a tendency to go dormant in the heat of summer or if the soil becomes too dry. To help maintain summer foliage, keep soil evenly moist and provide more shade.

  • Light need: Partial shade
  • Average landscape size: 26″ tall and wide
  • Plant characteristic: Herbaceous


marsh-marigoldCaltha palustris “Marsh Marigold” 

 Grow in full sun to part shade in shallow water at the margins of a pond or water garden or in wet, boggy soils. Best flowering usually occurs in full sun, but plants appreciate some part shade in the heat of the summer.

  • Light need: Full sun
  • Average landscape size: 8 – 10 ft. tall and wide
  • Plant characteristic: Evergreen

Caltha palustris Marsh Marigold

Carex-elata-Bowles-GoldenCarex elata ‘Bowles Golden’

Bright yellow new leaves in spring are especially striking, but color carries through the year. Best color in full sun, but also brightens shady areas. For dramatic effect, combine with contrasting deep green foliage plants such as Hostas. Thrives in moist soils; tolerates shallow water at the edge of ponds.

  • Light need: Partial to full sun
  • Average landscape size: 1 – 2 ft. tall, 2 – 3 ft. wide
  • Plant characteristic: Semi Evergreen

Carex elata Bowles Golden


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