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Newsletter March 2015

Recent Projects

Flower & Garden Show 2015

In February Falling Water Designs teamed up with garden designer Pamela Richards to create one of the display gardens at the Flower & Garden Show held in Seattle. The title of the garden was called “Romantic Folly”. They were awarded a silver medal.

Flower & Garden Show 2015Maude and Parker are in love, and this garden reflects their romance with its sweeping colors and design elements that are both personal and casual.
A romantic bench serves as a focal point in this picnic scene, with Maude’s parasol sitting nearby. Furniture captures another time and place with a classic, if aging, motel chair and a vintage deck chair.

Flower & Garden Show 2015Flowers fabricated from recycled glass bloom among roses, rhododendron and tulips. Atop stone and grass steps, a gate extends from a stylized metal tree and draws attention to the garden’s center–water in a picturesque container splashing into a rill and flowing to a pond.

IMG_7283This fragrant garden uses a variety of plant material to set the mood with vibrant splashes of lush green and white, with blooming and leafy plants providing accents of pink, cream and silver.

“Take-home ideas” for your own garden: Inventive use of color and textures to create a mood.

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