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Updated: 04.08.24

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Pond Must-Haves


Below is our list of must-haves to get your pond ready and in tip-top shape for the year.


Beneficial pond bacteria are responsible for maintaining crystal clear healthy water; break down organic waste – in the form of sludge, and breaks down ammonia – from fish waste.

pond tempThermometer

Knowing the temperature of your water is important. The thermometer lets you know when it is safe to begin feeding your fish and what type of fish food is suitable for that temperature. We recommend feeding fish all-season fish food when the temperature is a steady 50°F or above, and when there is no danger of temperatures dropping below 50°F. Growth-plus koi food is recommended for temperatures that are between 60°F-65°F.

Ph_testkitpH/Ammonia Kit and Dechlorinator for city water folks

Knowing the pH and ammonia levels in your pond is important. If they are too high or too low then it can harm or kill your fish. Koi and goldfish do best in a pH of between 7.0-8.6 and an ammonia reading of 0. If you use city water, it’s extremely important that you use dechlorinator whenever you add water to your pond.

uvfilterUV Sterilizer

If you have a UV sterilizer that is used throughout the entire year, you will need to get a replacement bulb every year. If you turn your UV off each winter, then you should be able to get two seasons/years out of it.

Please note: if your water is not running clear, then it is time to replace your bulb, even if it looks like the UV is on and working.

Dainichi-fishfoodCool-Season/All-Season Fish Food

Cool Season/All-Season is a top performer in any climate but is especially well suited for use in northern
climates, cooler weather, and during late fall, winter and early spring seasons. This formula can be used at any time as long as the water temperature is above 50° F.
There is less protein which means less waste and ammonia in the water.


For those who have fish and are thinking about cleaning out your pond, a net is vital! Invest in a net that will SAFELY capture your fish. Check with Falling Water Gardens to find out sizes we currently have in stock.

Water HawthornFertilizer for Plants

Some plants that are in and around the pond need fertilizer yearly to keep them healthy and growing.

Pond Cleanings

We do pond cleanings! Enjoy your pond for many years to come by maintaining it each season. Schedule a pond cleaning here.

What does a pond cleaning include?

✓ Drain and clean the pond and refill

✓ Test water quality, PH and ammonia levels

✓ Examine fish health

✓ Check aquatic plants and move to the proper level, fertilize, and divide if necessary

✓ Inspect the pump and clean the volute

✓ Check the skimmer

✓ Activate the biological filter

✓ Start the UV Sterilizer

✓ Examine the auto-fill valve, lights, and other plumbing.

To schedule an appointment, please email or call us at (360)863-1400.

Are you a do-it-yourselfer kind of person? Check out our How-To video on Pond Cleaning 101.