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Keep Your Fish Happy & Healthy

MAINTAIN GOOD WATER QUALITY Water to fish is like air to humans. When it is put that way, you begin to appreciate why water quality is so important to fish. To illustrate: imagine you had a very slight gas leak in your house. You can’t see the gas and you don’t recognize the smell, bu

What Is Happening To My Pond?

What may be happening to your pond right now: Problems with ammonia: Ammonia in ponds is common and can be extremely toxic to your fish, causing illness or death. Causes of high ammonia are: An overstocked pond Overfeeding your fish An improperly functioning biological filter A Biolog

Protect Your Fish and Pond from Predators

Keeping predators from your pond and protecting your fish Raccoons and herons can be very troublesome to fish and pond owners. There’s nothing worse than looking down at your lovely pond to find that all of your precious fish have suddenly disappeared! We’ve heard too many