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Cleaning Your Skimmer

Today’s ponds are very low maintenance because of modern innovations such as up-flow filters and skimmers. Pond maintenance only takes a few minutes periodically, but ponds are not maintenance free. One of the most common problems with ponds is that the homeowner doesn’t properly clean the skimmer. Plant material eventually gets behind the skimmer pad and into the area where the pump is kept. The number one failure of pumps is caused by material gathering around the pump intake, restricting the flow of water and causing the pump to over heat and eventually fail.

Look over the following pictures that show how to properly clean out a skimmer box.

The net should be emptied whenever it is full of debris. In the summer that isn’t very often, but in the fall it could be every few days as falling leaves build up in the net.

The skimmer pad should be cleaned anytime you notice that the water level in front of the pad is higher than the water behind the pad. A clean pad will have equal levels of water on both sides. As the pad clogs with tree needles and other debris, it is harder for the water to flow through. You will notice the water on the backside is lower.

When that happens, follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn off the pump and close skimmer door
  2. Unscrew the PVC union, remove the pump
  3. Remove the filter matting
  4. Remove filter matting tray
  5. Clean filter matting with hose
  6. Clean both sides
  7. Clean filter matting with hose
  8. Clean both sides of the matting
  9. Empty skimmer net and wash
  10. Clean with wet/dry vacuum.
  11. Reinstall tray matting and net.
  12. Open door, turn the system on







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