Newsletter March 2015

New Products

mason_beeMason Bees – $16.95

Did you know that Mason Bees are actually better at pollinating then honey bees? One Mason bee can pollinate up to 12lbs of cherries which would take about 60 honey bees to pollinate.  They are also very cost effective and it doesn’t take much at all to start or maintain. Mason bees are also very gentle and very rarely sting. If you are stung it has been said that it feels like a mosquito bite. This means you won’t need to buy any special clothing!

These bees are really a must have for any garden, veggie garden or orchard.

IMG_0846Mason Bee Houses $18.95 – $21.95

We have two types of Mason Bee houses for sale. The one shown on the left comes in this pretty pink or blue color.

Here are some new items in our shop!


ceramic puffer fishPuffer Fish

These fun little guys are new to our gift shop! How can you not like these cuties?

ceramic vasesCeramic Vases

We just got in these gorgeous ceramic vases. They come in several different shapes, sizes and colors!

plastic reuseable vaseFlat Reusable Vase

Now these are super cool! These guys pack flat so you can store them away easy. When you need to use them all you do is fill it up with water and you’re good to go! They also come in several colors and patterns.

wine glass shadesWine Glass Shades

Another awesome item! With these ones you fill up regular sized wine glasses, place the floating candle (comes with 4) and then put the shade on (comes with 4). You get an instant decoration for your table or around your home! These also come in different patterns and colors.

Bird Watering CanBird Watering Can

These watering cans are adorable! They come in different shapes and colors. Water your plants and add some color and decoration to your garden!

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