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2020 December Newsletter


Here’s a sample of items we think you’d enjoy this time of year. Be sure to visit the nursery to see ALL of the latest products and plants!


Why buy your tree from us?

We cut the trees as soon as they arrive and place them upright in fresh water. Many Christmas Tree lots do not place their trees in water… we do! We want your trees to be vibrant and to stay fresh as long as possible. We also have a warm, cozy gift shop that is packed with the cutest Holiday decorations to get you in the spirit for this festive season. 💚❤️

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Oregon Forestry Christmas Tree PreserverOnly $2.95!

Developed by the Oregon Forestry Laboratory. The ingredients help the needles stay on longer & the tree stay fresh. The gel in it prevents the water in the tree stand from drying up.

8.5″ Silver Glass Ornament w/ Crystal – $9.37

White Glitter Tree Ornament – $4.95

Champagne Glitter Silver Beads & Gemstones – $8.97

Gold Finial Glass Ornament – $9.87

Gold Gem Ornament – $12.57

Pewter Frame Ornament – $8.37

Pink Jeweled Snowflake Ornament – $6.97

Pink Glittered Glass Ball Ornament – $7.67

Twig Antler Moose Stander – $33.88

Harley Davidson Garden Gnome – $31.95

**Many of the items are limited quantities and may not be reordered. If you love what you see then be sure to visit us in the near future to take it home before we sell out!