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2017 June Newsletter

Welcome to June’s Newsletter Summer is right around the corner and so is Father’s Day! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for the Sorticulture Garden Arts Festival, June 9th-11th, and our annual Father’s Day Celebration, June 17th & 18th, or Koi Club, June

2016 June Newsletter

Welcome to June’s Newsletter Summer is right around the corner and so is Father’s Day! Don’t forget to mark your calendars for June 18th and 19th as we’ll be celebrating Dad’s those two days. For this month’s How To address failing or faulty pumps.

2016 May Newsletter

Welcome to May’s Newsletter April showers bring May flowers…as well as Mother’s day! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for our big Mother’s Day extravaganza happening on May 7th and May 8th. For this month’s How To Keep predators from your pond and

2016 March Newsletter

Welcome to March’s Newsletter Spring is upon us and it’s time to start thinking of cleaning up the pond and getting it ready for the spring and summer season. Need help with the maintenance? Give Falling Water Designs a call! Think you can do it on your own? Check out our
Bleeding Heart

2016 Newsletter February

Welcome to February’s Newsletter It’s still technically winter but that doesn’t mean you can’t start planning for spring! Everywhere you look you can see little signs of spring from the days slowly getting longer to some of the flowers starting to bloom. For Fe

Newsletter October 2015

Welcome to October’s Newsletter It’s officially fall but wow have we’ve had some beautiful days so far! The autumn colors are popping right now in Western Washington, and all the areas surrounding Monroe are ripe for the viewing. We also still have a little time to s

Newsletter September 2015

Welcome Sadly summer is coming to an end but that doesn’t mean the gorgeous weather will! What an amazing summer we did have. With that said there is still time to work in your garden and we’re currently having a buy 2 get one free sale on all our plants! So don’t fo

Newsletter August 2015

Welcome It’s August? Can anyone else believe it’s already August? Time sure is flying by and summer continues to bring the heat! July has been a scorcher and August is expected to be just as bright and warm. Have you got everything you need for your garden in this weather?
Fire Poker

Newsletter July 2015

Welcome Wow it’s July! Summer is here and boy is it hot! We’re nearing the height of the season and there’s still all sorts of work to be done in the garden. Need help with your garden? Let us know, chances are we can help! For this month’s How To we’re g

Newsletter June 2015

Welcome Wow it’s June! Summer is right around the corner and it’s certainly warming up around here. The gardens are looking fabulous and we have Koi and Gold Fishes ready to go home! In June’s newsletter we’ll be going over How To troubleshoot when your pump is