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Incorporating Art Into Your Garden


Incorporating Art Into Your Garden

catherined_02Although a well designed garden is a work of art in itself, in the last decade more artists and craftsmen have been creating pieces solely for placement in the landscape. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a fancy sculpture to incorporate art into your garden.

Gardeners have become more attuned to recognizing what a simple, well-placed structure or piece of art tucked into a “secret spot” can bring to their garden spaces.

Challenge yourself to introduce elements in the garden that will stimulate as many senses as possible!

blueglassAn arch positioned over a walkway and covered with an aromatic vine will please your sense of smell and sight as well as provide an entry way that draws a visitor into your garden’s sensual sanctuary. Place a beautiful bird feeder within sight of your deck for endless entertainment. It is quite amazing the flurry of activity a little bird seed will cause in a backyard. Place a small sculpture or wind chime along a path. Add a large sculpture to be an accent or focal point that will draw eyes and beckon visitors to the garden.

spinnerIt’s not always necessary to go out and purchase something from a store to accessorize your space. People that do often end up with the same mass produced arbor or piece art as their neighbor.

Be creative.

Using an old bathtub as a planter works well. I have a neighbor who has a planting bed growing out of a brass bed frame! Involve the kids by having them paint plywood animal cut-outs to hang on a fence or feature them in a secret location in the garden. Consider your primary and secondary focal points and consider what fits your particular style. Whatever you do, have fun!

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